Robert Cohen

BASc., MBA, CFA Vice President & Portfolio Manager Gold and precious metals, base metals and minerals

Robert Cohen is a Vice President & Portfolio Manager on the Dynamic Equity Income Team, specializing in the mining industry.

Leveraging the teams QUARP® process, he manages concentrated precious metals and resource portfolios that invest in high-quality companies with management teams that have strong technical experience and a history of effective capital allocation.

Robert has been on the investment side of the industry since 1998, when he first joined Dynamic, and previously worked as a mineral process engineer at Canadian, Chilean and Australian copper and gold mines. This combination of investment management experience and in-the-field expertise gives him a unique perspective in analyzing the financial viability of projects as well as the geology underlying them.

Robert has a degree in Mining & Mineral Process Engineering (1992) and a Masters of Business Administration (1998) from the University of British Columbia and obtained his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2003.