On the sidelines when it comes to investing?

A financial advisor can get you in the game.


A financial advisor can help you build a resilient portfolio

Regardless of your circumstances, a financial advisor can help you reach your financial goals and work toward building enough wealth to sustain a comfortable retirement. But achieving this outcome in today’s economic environment requires innovative thinking and alternative tools to build more resilient portfolios.

Investing is all about risk and reward. After a year of unprecedented uncertainty, economic growth is recovering, but generating income is more challenging than ever in today’s low-interest-rate environment. A financial advisor can help you better understand various market risks so that your portfolio is better positioned for the potential rewards – whether that’s preserving capital in times of market stress, generating a reliable income stream or taking full advantage of investment opportunities during a recovery.

Thankfully, financial advisors have the tools and investment knowledge to help investors build more resilient portfolios that can thrive in a variety of economic scenarios and aims to deliver more income – for today and well into the future.


Other benefits of working with an advisor

Accumulating greater wealth through better saving behaviour

Protecting against poor financial decisions

Building assets for a more comfortable retirement

Avoiding emotional investing habits

Selecting tax-efficient investment vehicles

Building a resilient portfolio

Maintaining a long-term investment strategy