Leading the Alternative Revolution

Dynamic Funds has a long history of delivering innovative solutions that can be used to construct better investment portfolios. Liquid alternative funds offer access to a wide range of investment strategies with a low correlation to stocks and bonds – all within the structure of a mutual fund.

An Introduction to Active Alternatives™

Dynamic Education Series

Introducing Dynamic's Liquid Alternative Funds

With access to a broader opportunity set, liquid alternatives deliver the potential for enhanced diversification, decreased volatility, and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Dynamic’s suite of active alternative investments includes specialty funds, liquid alternative funds and hedge funds.

Why alternatives matter


With the potential for lower correlation to stocks and bonds, alternative asset strategies can increase portfolio diversification.

Downside protection

Because they don’t move in tandem with stock and bond markets, alternative strategies can help mitigate risk in times of volatility and potentially enhance long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Access to additional sources of returns

Many alternative investments seek to deliver returns via trading strategies outside the “buy and hold” approach. They can complement existing holdings and provide a set of tools.

Learn how alternative investments can fit into a portfolio

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